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Submersible pump cable calculation model

Release Date:2019-08-20

When submersible pump head high, the motor is deeper, submersible pump cable length is longer, transformer power supply is bad, very difficult: motor start starting current is bigger, long cable greater voltage drop of voltage of the motor, reduce the quantity is big, starting current further increases, the pressure drop of the cable is large, the starting torque is reduced, create a vicious cycle. It is not only difficult to start the motor, but also may damage the winding of the motor. Therefore, each submersible pump must be equipped with a specified cable.

When wiring, first determine the cable size according to the cable length. For example, if the pump is equipped with 10 square meters of cable and 50 meters is required, the submersible pump cable configuration should be increased by 16 square meters. If the submersible pump is used where the supply voltage is slightly lower than that of the sewage pump and the required cable length is longer, the submersible pump cable of the pump will be large for a long time. The motor of the sewage pump is very unfavorable. In this case, the sewage pump cable shall be equipped with YCW type or YC rubber sheathed soft cable. If not submerged in water, the YCW type is recommended. The submersible sewage pump must select the matching pipeline according to the liquid medium to be transported. For example, liquids to be transported are corrosive. Therefore, the rubber parts outside the cable must be made of stainless steel and corrosion-resistant submersible pump cable, otherwise the submersible cable will be corroded. A dangerous accident that leads to a spill. Given a simpler algorithm: motor power ×2÷5 the amount obtained is matched to the cable base then generally no problem. It's more economical. When working normally, the cable can be held without heating. To be able to. But in order to be able to meet demand and the economy, it's better to choose an exact one. No matter how to choose submersible pump cable, if the customer does not know, you need to communicate with the pump manufacturer, let the pump manufacturer list the model or parameters, and then buy yourself!