Founded in 1990, based on a hundred years

  Hebei cangzhou xintai cable co., ltd. was founded in 1990, is the production, research and development of wire and cable enterprises, high-techEnterprise. Enterprises that honor contracts and keep promises, designated inspection units of hebei provincial product quality supervision and inspection institute, one of the largest new and high technology enterprises in China,Hebei province product quality trustworthy units, the company's main products: rubber cable, JHS waterproof rubber cable, mineral insulation cable, flexible fire cable, litreDescending cable, submersible pump cable, high and low voltage cross-linked cable, 1kv-35kv control cable, conductor, shielded cable, computer cable, overhead cable,Silicone rubber cable, flame retardant, high temperature refractory cable, high voltage dc cable, compensation cable, intrinsic safety type (DCS) flame-proof flame retardant cable, steel core aluminum strand, mine cable, Marine cable, power cable, special cable, the company also custom processing various types of cable.

  • First Appear

    Founded in 1990, the company covers an area of 250 mu, fixed assets more than 100 million yuan

  • Equipment

    It has more than 50 sets of measuring and testing equipment for more than 30 modern cable production lines

  • Scale

    The company has 380 employees, including 58 senior technicians

Company is located in the state council named "China's cable base" in hebei province hejian shahe bridge economic and technological development zone, the development zone in the beautiful scenery of the son tooth river, in the center of Beijing, tianjin, stone triangle, surging buy highway, surging of high-speed, highway cross rimmon, belongs to the geographical position is very superior, convenient transportation, east to cangzhou, the beijing-shanghai expressway, the beijing-shanghai railway is only 40 kilometers, 20 kilometers west beijing-kowloon railway, 15 km jingkai highway, 3 km north to plastic yellow railway. Railroad, highway crisscross traffic is very convenient. Advantages of document company

The company has eight departments and one room and technology development center and testing center. There are more than 50 offices in China, forming a company-centered marketing network covering the whole country. The company covers an area of 88,000 square meters and has more than 380 employees, among which, there are 6 medium and high technical personnel and 8 senior technical personnel. For a long time the company has consistently adhere to the quality of products as the cornerstone, to market competition as the direction of the business philosophy to continue to expand the domestic market, has established in the country marketing and service network, formed to Beijing, tianjin, Harbin, Qingdao, shenyang, changchun, nanjing and other domestic big cities as the center of the sales network.

The company's products all have the national approval issued by the license and 3C certification, but also through the international certification body certification. Product sales network has been completed by the local, regional, and even global strategic transfer. Was established since the company has always "for the development of society and business, for the happiness of mankind and development" purposes and "dedication of the FuChang" brand building, and always adhere to the "second hand grasp, used to hard" policy, while paying special attention to the economic construction, also pay attention to corporate culture construction, by cultivating good employees to create brand-name products.

Since the second half of 2004, the company has fully implemented the ERP enterprise resource planning system, and the enterprise's information management ability and product competitiveness in foreign markets have been further strengthened. The company through standardization, standardization, institutionalized management and infrastructure through the introduction and training of talents, through the shaping and publicity of corporate culture, make the enterprise full of vitality future more brilliant.

Quality-oriented, the pursuit of excellence